When I moved to Greensboro two years ago, I knew nary a soul. It was an intimidating experience, but it wasn’t long before I immediately felt connected to the town- it felt like home. Greensboro is unique in that it feels like such a small town at times, but it’s actually pretty sprawling. I often forget that we’re the third-largest city in North Carolina in terms of population. I’m constantly telling people how Greensboro is the friendliest place that I’ve ever been to and that we have so many great assets- phenomenal restaurants and breweries, gorgeous parks and trails and genuinely wonderful people. While compiling stories for this project, I felt pretty validated in that stance. Everyone I’ve reached out to has been friendly, helpful and interested- pretty typical for the average Greensboroian. Consider this newsletter my weekly love letter to the Gate City. Within it, you’ll find articles by and about the wonderful people that make up this town. To me, that’s something worth celebrating.

Yours fondly,

Lauren Davidson


If you’re interested in helping out, send me a note at wovengreensboro@gmail.com.
To view this week’s letter in its entirety, click here


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