Looking Back

What’s in a name? Everything. When attempting to come up with a name for this newsletter, I went about town surveying almost everyone I came in contact with. Woven was a natural fit: it honored Greensboro’s textile history while symbolizing the weaving together of our town’s stories. My single most important qualifier in coming up with a name was that it must nod back to Greensboro’s history. It’s one of my favorite things about this town: that its rich history has been kept alive by our present community.

I highly recommend taking a look at UNCG’s project Textiles, Teachers and Troops, which contains essays and images that are not only informative about our town’s history, but engaging. When I spoke with David Gwynn, Digital Projects Coordinator at UNCG, he cited the Cone’s arrival to town and the burst of educational institutions as two instances that irreversibly changed the trajectory of Greensboro. I’m of the mindset that where you live plays a big role in who you are. For instance, I see strength in our nearby mountain neighbors and the flexibility and easiness of the water in their coastal counterparts. With both manufacturing and academia coming to town, the folk of Greensboro were poised to become a unique set of North Carolinians: down-to-earth, educated and hard-working. Of course, transportation is also a pinnacle part of Greensboro’s history. The rumble of passing-through trains provides the shake and song for downtown’s party crowd, while keeping our town relevant and continuously moving forward. In modern times, we could also add the Woolworth’s sit-ins as a catalyst in not only our town’s- but our nation’s- history. Our townspeople were never afraid of standing up for what’s right. Even now, in the current political climate, we stand together in a town that celebrates diversity and equality.

Take a look at the project– it’s fascinating to see how Greensboro’s history has shaped it into the town we live in today.


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