The Brew Crew: Part One

Woven’s crack team of investigators check out downtown’s brewery options. First up: Joymongers and Preyer.

Joymongers is the newest brewery in town (until Little Brother opens) and they’ve really hit it out of the park. The Brew Crew decided that Joymongers definitely has the best atmosphere of all the downtown breweries with the newly-finished lawn and ample patio seating. We also appreciated how dog friendly it is; our pet, Booker, has practically become their mascot. Best of all, they have a great variety of easy-drinking ales, food trucks and live music. This is what we consider to be our hometown bar.


Bill: Hands down, best patio in town.

Caitlin: Joymongers is one of my favorites. It’s a great atmosphere, it’s dog friendly and it has the best patio in town.

Preyer has a completely different vibe than Joymongers. It’s great that it’s connected to Crafted and it feels like you’ve just stepped into a mountain lodge. We especially love it in the fall and winter since it doesn’t have a patio or porch; instead, you’ll find comfort in a deep leather armchair. Preyer has an edge on the other breweries in town because they’re always trying new things; they’ve got an adventurous selection that’s completely out of the norm. They also have an awesome trivia night.


Lauren: The bartender, Charles, taught Booker a trick and gave her a massive treat! The bartenders are so friendly here.

Bill: I really like Powder of Love and that they play the game through the house speakers.


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