Greensboro’s Haunted Hotel

It’d be pretty awkward to walk in on your boss embezzling cash. In fact, if your name is Phillip and you worked at the Biltmore Hotel at the turn of the century, it could be downright dangerous. Apparently, our friend Phillip saw a little too much one night and on his way home, some thugs knocked on his door and gave him a warning. The next day, when he came into work, instead of being greeted by a happy secretary with a warm mug of coffee, he was dragged across the floor, beaten and tossed out the window to meet his end. His office is now room 332 and Phillip has stuck around to haunt primarily female guests. Patrons often have sensations of being dragged across the room and apparently one evening, a guest in the room next door called to complain about someone loudly banging around. You guessed it- room 332 was vacant.

Unlike Phillip, who never gets to leave his old office (worst fate ever?), Lydia, a “lady of the night”, has been seen throughout the hotel and out front, where she once drummed up business. One night, a client went a little too far and tossed our poor girl over the railing, leaving her to haunt the room below Phillip’s. Because it is believed that Lydia’s favorite color is pink, guests that stay in room 223 frequently leave pink “offerings”, like purses or lipstick, to appease Lydia into not haunting their stay. In fact, 223 is the only pink bedroom at the hotel, as their motto is to “be polite to the ghosts.”

Thanks to Dan at Carolina History & Haunts for sharing these great stories about The Biltmore Hotel and to Above The Boro for the gorgeous picture!

Now for our reader spotlight:

“They claim the Adamsleigh in Sedgefield is haunted. Here’s a picture from the caretaker…can you see the ghost? The scary movie The Disappoints Room was filmed there a couple years ago- it’s on Netflix right now.” -Meredith Hackathorn


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