Letter From The Editor: Issue 4

Welcome to our spook-tacular, special-edition Halloween issue! This week, we’ll talk with Theresa Bane, author of Haunted Historic Greensboro, about GSO’s ghoulish history and what it’s like to write a whole book about it. Her Craigslist horror story is going to keep you up at night! Then, we’ll learn about Samhain and get some input from Tavane Taylor, owner of Eclectic By Nature on State Street.

After that, we’ll feature a story sent in by one of our dear readers- by the way, have you liked us on Facebook and Instagram? I’ll continue to update posts with contests and opportunities for reader features, so be sure to do that! We’re also embarking on a partnership with one of our favorite insta accounts, @abovetheboro, to bring you some pretty dope photographs, one of which is featured below along with a story told by the masters of historical horror, Carolina History and Haunts.

Lastly, put your pinkie rings up to the moon and let out a big howl, because I’ve made a playlist especially for woven readers to get you in a spooky mood just in time for Halloween!

Your friend,

To view the email in its entirety, click here.


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