The Brew Crew: Part Two

Woven’s crack team of investigators check out downtown’s brewery options. This time: Natty Greene’s and Gibb’s.

Natty Greene’s is definitely Greensboro’s most put-together brewery. It’s the only one that also has a restaurant and everything looks polished, including the menus and the atmosphere. Natty’s has a stellar corner spot on Elm Street near the railroad tracks and a massive variety of beers. It also has a great late-night atmosphere with its lofted section and an ample selection of TVs. It’s commercialized, but it’s also a Greensboro institution at this point- Wildflower will forever be a GSO classic. It reminds us a bit of Foothills in Winston-Salem.

Gibb’s is one of the pioneers of the RailYard area. They keep it very simple- they have four beers on tap and one TV. They also have a ton of board games and great live bands. I think of Gibb’s as a fall/winter bar because when it’s brisk, it’s great to sit on their patio and when it’s cold and snowy, I love warming up with one of their beers and a round of Clue. It’s been reported that they’re moving to State Street and I’m anxious to see how this affects the really unique vibe that they’ve created at their RailYard location.


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