Gimme The Juice!

Oh, just picking out some ripe ones at Bestway.

If you couldn’t tell from previous issues, the woven crew consumes a fair amount of delicious food and cocktails from the amazing array of restaurants and breweries around town. But when our pants get a little tough to zip up in the morning, we know it’s time for a cleanse.

With the holidays just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to kick-start a healthy diet before it all devolves into stuffing and cookies. Beth Ellis, owner of Clean Juice in Friendly Center, recommends taking baby steps. “I think a three-day cleanse is ideal in terms of the benefits,” she says. “And for me, it’s a cleansing of your palate. You come off of it wanting to eat better and not wanting to eat a bunch of fried food. You come off of it making better choices.”

Jen Memory, owner of Organix Juice Bar, agrees: “Cleansing allows your digestive system to take a time out. It works so hard 24-7 to break down the foods you eat that it’s good to let it take a break. While it’s on a break, your body can focus its energy towards ridding itself of the toxins that have built up.”

Some people have had great success with weight loss on cleanses, but we recommend doing it for the jump-start it gives you into healthy eating. It also serves as a great breakfast replacement!

& if you need something a little heartier, check out our go-to breakfast smoothie:

Bill & Lauren’s Breakfast Smoothie

-Kale and Spinach Mix
-Brussel Sprouts
-Broccoli Florets

Fill the blender halfway up with the kale and spinach. Fill up the rest of the container with everything else. Blend and shake, baby!

*The main goal here is to fill your blender up halfway with greens and sneak in as many veggies as you can. The other half is yours to experiment with! We make a different combination every time and freeze fruit and veggies on Sundays to last throughout the week.


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