Letter From The Editor: Issue 6

Can you believe we’re on our sixth issue? I certainly can’t! Before the holiday season devolves into total chaos, let’s take this week to focus on mindfulness: what we consume, what we focus on, what we practice daily. First, we’ll feature a guest post from Kelly McKee about what running means to her. Kelly is the president of the Junior League of Greensboro, a non-profit organization that encourages strong women to build up their communities. She’s also an all-star runner, so I really enjoyed hearing her take on the subject- it almost made me want to stop binging Stranger Things and pick up my running shoes!

Next, we’ll hear from Libby Ramsay about what it’s like to open up a yoga studio. Then we’ll complete our healthy trifecta with a look into juicing with experts from Organix and Clean Juice weighing in. I received a lot of positive feedback last week about three articles versus four, so that’s what we’ll be sticking to from now on. Thanks to everyone who reached out or took the survey! I feel like we’re all in this together.

Yours fondly,
Lauren Davidson

To view this issue in its entirety, please click here.


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