Ol’ Quaker Greenie

Image from sculptor James Barnhill.

We all know that Greensboro was named after “The Fighting Quaker”, Nathanael Greene, a general in The American Revolution, but why? Below, some things I found interesting about the man who is now immortalized as a statue at the roundabout on Greene and McGee Streets.

You know you’re BFFs when you’re on a stamp together.

  • While Greene lost the battle at present-day Guilford Courthouse to Lord Charles Cornwallis, it’s believed that he weakened Cornwallis’s army enough to result in his soon-after surrender, leading to the independence of the colonists. NBD.
  • He was handpicked by George Washington to be a Major General and was the only other person besides Washington to serve all eight years of The American Revolution in the position of General. In fact, the two were pretty much besties.
  • The quotes on the statue of General Greene read, “‘…in the very name Greene are remembered all the virtues and talents which can illustrate the patriot, the statesman, and the military leader.’ Marquis de Lafayette” and “’I never saw such fighting since God made me. The Americans fought like demons.’ General Charles, Earl Cornwallis.”

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