Family Matters

The Children’s Home Society of Greensboro holds a very special place in my heart because I was adopted from there in 1990, which obviously greatly impacted my life. There are so many special children right here in Greensboro that need families. My story is a happy one—I can’t imagine what my life would’ve been like had I gone through the foster system. But that’s not the case for a lot of kids—there are over 10,500 children in foster care in North Carolina. Even if you don’t plan on adopting (kind of a big life decision), you can still make a difference in the lives of these children who need your help. Below, a Q&A with Betsy Seaton, Director of Community Engagement for CHS.

W: What’s the rundown on CHS?
B: CHS is the state’s leading provider of temporary foster care placements so children have a stable family setting until a permanent home is found, and CHS completes significantly more adoptions than any other private agency in the state.  In addition to adoption and foster care, CHS implements a broad spectrum of programs and services including parenting education, family preservation, and teen pregnancy prevention.

W: Let’s talk about CHS’s impact on Greensboro.
B: In 1902, a group of forward-thinking businessmen in Greensboro founded Children’s Home Society to address a need in the community: children without homes. For 115 years, CHS has grown and adapted to meet the ever-changing needs of children and families in North Carolina. Through the many decades, the Greensboro community has supported CHS in many ways: donating time, money, and clothes to support our clients; helping us recruit foster and adoptive families.

Vintage photo circa 1953 of caseworker and baby courtesy of
W: How can people get involved if they want to help?
B: Consider becoming a foster or adoptive parent, support our work through financial contributions, become a volunteer. To find out more details, visit or call 800-632-1400.

W: Speaking of volunteering, when was a time that you really saw your work making a difference?
B: Recently, I attended our annual holiday party for our foster families here in Greensboro. The room was full of smiling children who were opening their presents and eating delicious food provided by River Landing Retirement Community. Foster parents were enjoying a sense of community, while volunteers and staff members helped serve food, create a craft, and hand out gifts. While these children have experienced so much in their short lives, seeing them interact and smile and play made me realize how absolutely amazing they are. They deserve love and family just like every single one of us, and seeing how CHS impacts their lives makes me proud to work here.


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