Letter From The Editor: Music Issue

Welcome to our pseudo-music issue! I’m never not listening to either music or a podcast, and my tastes range from classical to punk to r&b—let’s just say my fiance is not impressed by my ability to sing along with every song on every station.

One of my favorite things about Greensboro is its amazing live music scene, especially in the warmer months. I love to sit on a patio and listen to some jams. This week, we’ll be talking with one of my favorite local musicians, J. Timber. If you haven’t seen him yet, go! He and Joel Henry make some amazing music together. My interview with him will also run in this week’s Yes! Weekly.

Next, Ben Wolf, a dear friend of mine who knows more about music than anyone really should, teams up with our friend Patrick over at Hippo Records to let you know what’s flying off the shelves lately.

Lastly, J. Timber has compiled an exclusive Spotify playlist for our readers this week! It’s a wildly varied assortment of genres that all have one thing in common—soul.

What’s your favorite song? Let me know at wovengreensboro@gmail.com

Your friend,
Lauren Davidson

To view the issue in its entirety, click here.



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