Letter From The Editor: Issue 13

Woah! Did you know that we’re on issue thirteen? In hindsight, I should have written up something involving Greensboro’s haunted history (although I don’t think I could beat that Teresa Bane interview).

I’ve actually been in a bit of a ghoulish mood lately, and I don’t think I’m the only one. January has been the worst. While Greensboro is usually so beautiful in the spring, summer, and fall, it can feel icy and desolate in the winter, and this year, I’ve been in quite the funk. A family friend calls it “post-holiday depression,” my grandmother calls it “seasonal depression,” and Audrey Hepburn infamously declared it “the mean reds” in the classic film, Breakfast at Tiffany’s. With that being said, I’ve put together an issue this week to be a bit of a soothing read if you’ve also been feeling a little down in the dumps.

First up, we’ll hear from the very first person I interviewed for woven, Sarah Chapman from Vida Pour Tea. I didn’t think it was possible for a person to be that kind, but she manages to do it in such an authentic manner that I think it must be true. Sarah is the type of person that inspires other people to be their best selves, and I can’t think of a profession better suited for her than to be the owner of a tea shop.

Then, we’ll learn a little bit about Greensboro’s Parks and Recreation Department, because even though it’s been cold, it’s also starting to warm up, and getting outside is game-changing when the winter blues have you in a chokehold. This post is in collaboration with our favorite instagram account, @abovetheboro.

Lastly, we’ll take a short trip to Winston-Salem. I used to live in the Camel City for a brief moment in time, and I love to jet down for dinner with old friends. I’m sharing an old and new favorite this issue, and I’m sure that we’ll visit Winston in the future for more recommendations. Let me know your favorites via wovengreensboro@gmail.com.

Your friend,
Lauren Davidson

To view this issue in its entirety, click here.


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