Letter From The Editor: Issue Fourteen

Hello again! I hope you’re all having a fantastic week- we made it past January! YES! Somehow, someway, we accumulated a lot of new subscribers for this edition, so if that applies to you, dear reader, I’d like to sincerely thank you for signing up and let you know a little bit about woven:

I started this as a weekly newsletter, but soon discovered that when you’re doing this on top of a full-time job, things get crazy, so you can now find us in your inbox every other Wednesday. The purpose of this newsletter isn’t to report on the news or events of the Triad, or to put forth a hard-hitting investigative effort. My purpose is simply to bring you stories that fill you in on the people and places of which our town is made up. In such a divisive time, I happen to think that something like this may bring us all together in a positive way. Of course, you can be the judge of that!

Just so you can get to know us, here are three of my favorite articles from the past year:
The Revolution of Ron
All Hail The Queen
Q&A with Teresa Bane

We are always welcoming of contributors, and have had some pretty fantastic ones so far. If you’d like to lend a helping hand, drop us a line at wovengreensboro@gmail.com.

In this issue, we’ll be taking a trip down to South Elm, where I’ve previously covered Hudson’s Hill. This time, we’ll be talking to Crooked Tail Cat Café, a place that’s as mystifying as its four-legged inhabitants, and Antlers + Astronauts, a charming gift store close by.

Your friend,
Lauren Davidson

To view this issue in its entirety, please click here.


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