Letter From The Editor: Issue Fifteen

I am so excited for this very special issue! This edition will be a little longer, because I just kept finding wonderful things to add as I began my journey into the bottle. Like a fine wine, you may want to take a sip, let it breathe, and come back for more.

When I opened up February’s edition of 1808, I was pleased to read about two local, newly-certified sommeliers and felt eager to dig in and find out more about the test they recently endured. Cristal Campbell has interviewed Stacey Land of 1618 and I talked to Jake Assaf of Rioja! and gathered his recommendations for the ultimate wine and cheese pairings for your next soiree.

After we learn more about the rigid testing procedures, it’ll be time to take a break with Joseph Mills, local poet. I first read his collection of wine-related poems, Angels, Thieves, and Winemakers, during my tenure at Press 53, a fabulous publishing company in Winston Salem. He was kind enough to allow us to reprint one of my very favorite poems from the book, “Why Amnesiacs Might Make the Best Winemakers”.

Then, we’ll take a trip to wineries within driving distance from Greensboro. I visited the lovely Hanover Park, RayLen, Medaloni Cellars, and Piccione.

Lastly, we’ll head back to Greensboro for a trip to local haunt The Tasting Room to discover some of their favorite picks for the spring season.

Bottoms up!

Your friend,
Lauren Davidson


To view this issue in its original format, please click here.


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